Music Technology & Acoustics

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Research Laboratories

Two of the research laboratories of the Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering participate in wider research laboratory structures of the new duly constituted laboratories of the T.E.I. of Crete:

  • The Acoustical and Optical Technology Laboratory is a member of the Centre for Plasma Physics & Lasers (CPPL) of the T.E.I. of Crete (hosted in new building facilities in Rethymnon), which serves the educational and research needs in the following areas: (i) Interaction of intense laser radiation with matter and plasma: very high intensity magnetic fields, science, technology and applications of ultrashort and intense laser-generated electromagnetic and particle radiation secondary sources, development of laser-based diagnostics for plasmas and materials, generation and study of very high frequency acoustical waves using lasers, simulations of laser-matter interaction, technology and safety of ultrashort, intense pulsed laser sources, medical and biomedical applications of laser-generated radiation, (ii) Optoelectronics: development and study of power optoelectronic arrangements and pulsed radiation sources (X−pinch, Z−pinch, Plasma Focus) with applications in the imaging of microstructures, in material characterization, in high-energy radiation protection, and in signal amplification and related devices, (iii) Optoacoustics: quality control of musical instruments using laser interferometric techniques, optical microphones, detection of vibrations and micro-defects using optoacoustic techniques, laser-generated acoustic sources and medical applications, and (iv) Simulations and manufacturing: simulations of structures, phenomena and manufacturing using analytic and numerical methods (FEM, CAD, CAM), development and optimization of mechanical systems (CAE− FEM & CAD & CAM & manufacturing).


The Department of Music Technology & Acoustics Engineering includes four laboratory sections whose function serves the educational and research needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students with their theoretical and laboratory training (practical application of theoretical knowledge) in the following areas.