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    • The Acoustical and Optical Technology Laboratory is a member of the Centre for Plasma Physics & Lasers (CPPL) of the T.E.I. of Crete (hosted in new building facilities in Rethymnon), which serves the educational and research needs in the following areas: (i) Interaction of intense laser radiation with matter and plasma: very high intensity magnetic fields, science, technology and applications of ultrashort and intense laser-generated electromagnetic and particle radiation secondary sources, development of laser-based diagnostics for plasmas and materials, generation and study of very high frequency acoustical waves using lasers, simulations of laser-matter interaction, technology and safety of ultrashort, intense pulsed laser sources, medical and biomedical applications of laser-generated radiation, (ii) Optoelectronics: development and study of power optoelectronic arrangements and pulsed radiation sources (X−pinch, Z−pinch, Plasma Focus) with applications in the imaging of microstructures, in material characterization, in high-energy radiation protection, and in signal amplification and related devices, (iii) Optoacoustics: quality control of musical instruments using laser interferometric techniques, optical microphones, detection of vibrations and micro-defects using optoacoustic techniques, laser-generated acoustic sources and medical applications, and (iv) Simulations and manufacturing: simulations of structures, phenomena and manufacturing using analytic and numerical methods (FEM, CAD, CAM), development and optimization of mechanical systems (CAE− FEM & CAD & CAM & manufacturing).






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