Music Technology & Acoustics

Hellenic Mediterranean University

In brief

The research interests of the faculty and staff of the Department vary over a range of areas and subjects. Based on the research areas covered by the three Divisions of the Department, research within the department focuses on the following:

Music Technology

Networked Music Performance, Machine Listening Systems and Machine Musicianship, Music Information Retrieval, Electroacoustic Music, Computer Music, Sound Synthesis, Interactive Audio and Music Systems, Music and Motion, Generating Music from Laser-Plasma sources, Machine Learning in Audio and Music

Sound Technology

Audio Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Speech and Speaker Recognition/Synthesis, De-noising techniques, Sound Source Separation, Soundscapes and Acoustic Ecology, Optical Microphones and Relevant Displays

Acoustical Technology

Musical Acoustics, study of the vibrational characteristics of musical instruments and their quality control, Technology of Acoustical Measurements, generation and detection of very high frequency elastic waves (nanoacoustics) using ultrafast lasers, optoacoustic technology for motion and vibrations detection, simulations of vibro-acoustics and optoacoustics, acoustic sources by laser-induced dielectric breakdown of air, microacoustical characterization of materials, bioacoustics, architectural acoustics, phonon technology, phonon-photon scattering

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