Music Technology & Acoustics

Hellenic Mediterranean University

PhD candidates

NAME TITLE email Supervisor
Christina Georgatou


The soundscape of Lefka Ori (White Mountains). The impact of environmental changes on Nature’s rhythm – A new environmental monitoring framework. Katerina Tzedaki
Eleni Papadaki


Computational optoacoustic study of micro- and nano-structured materials interacting with laser pulses with FEM Vasileios Dimitriou
Emmanouel Kaniolakis- Kaloudis


Study and modulation of simple and nanostructured materials through ultra-short, high frequency acoustic pulses Nektarios Papadogiannis

Minos Fitsanakis


Low-frequency Range Sound Design in Cinematic Art Katerina Tzedaki

Michalis Starakis


Identifying percussion musical instruments from the produced sound using machine learning techniques. Chrisoula Alexandraki

Nikos Kokolakis


Musical instrument and soundscape: a site-related approach to musical composition. Katerina Tzedaki

Dimitris Barnias


Algorithmic Generated Soundscapes undertowfestival@         Katerina Tzedaki
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