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Career prospects

With the completion of their studies the acoustical engineers – graduates of Music Technology & Acoustics will have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to work and collaborate in research, engineering and applications related to modern technologies in music, music production and management, the physics of musical instruments and the science of sound and acoustics.
According to the Professional Rights of our graduates, which are established by a Presidential Decree (141/2003), graduates may be involved in any subject area, where the use of music technology is necessary, especially in the demanding and competitive areas of music industry, advertisements, radio and TV, theatre and cinema, music performances and concert organization and productions. These areas offer a wide range of professional activities, as they make a wide use of music technology.
Our graduates can deal with:
A) The field of Music Technology:


  • Design and implementation of hybrid/combinational systems of acoustic and electronic musical instruments with or without the use audio communication protocols (such as M.I.D.I.) for concerts and recording sessions.
  • Design, organization and management of digital music and audio archives and databases.
  • Generation of music choices from pre-recorded sonic material.
  • Mixing of of pre-recorded sonic material, sound from acoustic instruments and electronic musical instruments, with a composers and producers perspective.
  • Development of sonic material to be reproduced or played in live music performances and other performing arts.

Β) The field of Acoustical Engineering

  • Acoustical Consulting, eg audio analysis, dispersion, acoustic treatment and enhancement of closed spaces.
  • Acoustical Consulting for acoustic treatment and enhancement of the acoustical conditions of outdoor live music and other performances and recordings.

C) The field of Sound Engineering

  • Design and construction of laboratory setups for recording and production of original sonic material.
  • Design of recording productions indoors and outdoors, or with other special requirements.
  • Maintenance and replacement of equipment and laboratory audio software
  • Design, use and maintenance of recording hardware equipment for outdoor use.
  • Design and supervision in the construction and management of spaces for cinema and theatre.
  • Implementation of synchronization for music and image productions.
  • Building, management and use of audio sample databases for use in theatre, radio, TV, cinema, general music creative processes and multimedia.
  • Sound design and use of sound systems for performances and other events.
  • Design and participation in the development and use of interactive systems and multimedia systems.

The graduates of our department can:

  • cover senior staff positions in companies engaged in professional sound systems, musical instruments, sonic material and music software and other electroacoustic systems.
  • cover sound engineer positions in television and radio stations, concert halls, theaters and entertainment spaces
  • can participate in the development of GFD and DFD expert consulting on subjects related to music production and in the technical and artistic aspects related to copyright issues.
  • can be employed in education, for the transfer of their expertise, in accordance with the current law that applies to every level of education.
  • can be employed in the public sector and move in higher hierarchical positions according to current law.
  • can be professionally active in any field that is related to the subject of their expertise and the development of technology, according to law regulations.

In specific, our graduates:

  1. have the expertise to teach following modules in Music Schools: Basic in Sound Engineering, Applications of Music Informatics, Music Editing with the use of computers, Audio Analysis with computers, the Physics of Greek Traditional Musical Instruments, the Physics of Symphonic Orchestra Musical Instruments.
  2. are registered in the list of qualified sound engineers in the Greek Public Television Channel (E.R.T.).
  3. can work as technical staff in the Film and Television Industry (Law: 1483/27-10-05), in the following fields: 1) Sound and more specifically as: a sound engineer, acoustics engineer, sound designer, 2) Special Effects and more specifically as: Technical Staff in Computer-Based Special Audio Effects and 3) Technical Workshops, in specific as: Audio Mixing Technical Staff. The professional license is granted by the Ministry of Culture (Department of Cinema and Audio/Visual Media) upon request (application).
  4. may be registered in the E.E.T.E.M. as engineers in Music Technology and Acoustics (T.E.) and work as free lancers on acoustics, noise treatment, acoustic insulation, building of recording studios, construction of spaces with some interesting acoustic properties etc.
  5. are registered in the list of qualified staff of the A.S.E.P. concourses for the completion of vacancies for sound engineers.


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